Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania

OCTOBER 19, 2011


The annual meeting of members of the Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania was held on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at the Eagle Rock Resort Ė Panorama Lodge. The meeting started at 12:10 PM.


Call to Order

Chairman R. Wieand presided over the meeting. He declared the meeting was duly constituted for the transaction of association business since a quorum was present.


Approval of Agenda Variation

An agenda for this meeting was previously distributed. Since the agenda diverges from the order of business specified in the BCAP bylaws, Chairman Wieand asked for a motion to approve the new agenda.


MOTION by M. Hain, seconded by T. Himmelwright to approve the agenda as distributed was unanimously approved.


Reading of the Minutes

Chairman Wieand noted that the minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting were distributed electronically via the BCAP web site, and asked for a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes, and approval of the minutes as distributed. MOTION by J. Gans, seconded by D. Dane to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the 2010 annual meeting of members. The motion was unanimously approved.


MOTION by M. Brophy, seconded by T. Himmelwright to approve the minutes of the 2010 annual meeting was unanimously approved.


Treasurerís Report

Treasurer D. Breidinger reviewed the August 2011 financial reports giving an explanation of those revenues that were under budget and the expense items that were over budget.


MOTION by F. Bradley, seconded by T. Himmelwright to accept the financial report was unanimously approved.


Presidentís Report

President Tunnell narrated a PowerPoint presentation on BCAP activities during the past twelve months in the various activity areas. The PowerPoint presentation will be on the website for viewing.


MOTION by S. Haulman, seconded by L. Shewack to accept the committee reports/PowerPoint presentation was unanimously approved.


Election of Directors

Chairman Wieand announced that in accordance with BCAPís bylaws, a Nominating Committee was appointed to provide a recommended slate of directors for the association. The directors will be elected for a three-year term. The Committee has recommended the following directors to serve for a three-year term:


Director Nominations Ė Three Year Term (Expires in 2014)

Joseph Gans, III - ††††† MetroCast Communications

Danny Jobe -††††††††††††† MetroCast Communications

Jeff Ross -††††††††††††††††† Armstrong††††††††††††††††††


MOTION by D. Breidinger, seconded by M. Hain to approve all the nominees for the terms indicated by the Nominating Committee was unanimously approved.


Chairman Wieand announced that under the bylaws, the association is also authorized to take nominations from the floor. Any nomination from the floor will require the support of four system members. Chairman Wieand calls the question Ė Are there any nominations from the floor? David Dane recommends Dan Feiertag with Atlantic Broadband. Chairman Wieand asked for three other system members who support the nomination of Mr. Feiertag by seconding the nomination. The nomination was seconded by Marty Brophy, Dave Breidinger, and Joe Gans.


MOTION by D. Breidinger, seconded by M. Hain to accept the slate of directors and nomination from the floor, was unanimously approved.



Remarks of the Chairman

Chairman R. Wieand shared a moment the other day when he was looking at a rate sheet from 1991 and thought about how things were so simple then. There used to be over 100 members at the annual meeting and how time has changed. He feels this is a great industry to be in. An industry that entertains the world as well as connects the world. He has watched the Association develop and evolve and become more politically acquainted. He thanked the staff for their hard work and a great job. Chairman R. Wieand said he is honored and appreciates the opportunity to be the BCAP Chairman.


Statements from the Membership

D. Breidinger also thanked the staff and feels the Association is well positioned today. M. Hain seconded Chairman Wieandís & D. Breidingerís thoughts but also added that he has watched Chairman Wieand grow and he has done a great job.


There being no further business to come before the membership, upon a MOTION offered D. Breidinger, seconded by J. Gans, the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 PM.