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Atlantic Broadband has extended its existing fiber network over 16 miles in Talbot County, Md., to deliver faster and more reliable 911 service to the community. The initiative was undertaken by Atlantic Broadband, the Maryland Broadband Cooperative, Easton Utilities, and the Talbot County Department of Emergency Services. The project created a new point-to-point connection between the Talbot County Department of Emergency Services and the area's enhanced 911 tower. It was completed in less than a month following the request of Talbot County, the company reports. "Atlantic Broadband is happy to extend its fiber network and connect the Talbot County 911 tower to the emergency services center through this point-to-point dark fiber deployment," Scott Randall, Atlantic Broadband's Maryland/Delaware vice president and general manager, notes in a statement. "Due to the tower's remote location, cross-organizational collaboration was critical, and it could not have been completed without the Maryland Broadband Cooperative and Easton Utilities. We were able to quickly and efficiently solve a problem, and as a result, the county's emergency services are more accessible to the community."

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