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Philadelphia mayoral candidate Jim Kenney is the latest example of a Philadelphia politician going after telecomm powerhouses. This week, Kenney joined 13 U.S. mayors in signing a letter that called out Verizon's reluctance to roll out FiOS in more service areas. Some of the other signees included Bill De Blasio of New York, William Peduto of Pittsburgh, and Kathy Sheehan of Albany. The letter accuses Verizon of failing to meet its contractual obligations in several of these markets, or flat out refusing to install FiOS in others. The letter reads: "We are deeply concerned that you have not acted like a good corporate citizen and that an incomplete FiOS rollout will result in decreased competition and the reduction of benefits to consumers throughout the Verizon footprint. As elected officials, it is our obligation and our responsibility to bring these complaints to your attention."

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