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Cable providers continue to absolutely dominate telcos when it comes to adding new broadband subscribers. According to the latest data from the Leichtman Research Group, the broadband industry saw a net gain of 960,000 broadband subscribers last quarter. But when you break those numbers down further, you'll note that the top cable providers added about 1 million subscribers during the last period, while the top phone providers saw a net loss of around 40,000 broadband subscribers. "With the addition of nearly one million subscribers in the quarter, the top cable and Telco broadband providers in the US cumulatively now account for over 93.9 million subscribers in the US," said Bruce Leichtman. "In the first quarter of 2017, the number of broadband subscribers surpassed the number of pay-TV subscribers in the US." All told, the report notes that phone companies have seen a net loss in broadband subscribers in seven of the last eight quarters. Curiously, Leichtman doesn't bother explaining to readers why these totals are so lopsided. It's because DSL subscribers are tired of telcos that are unwilling to upgrade their networks at any real scale.

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