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BCAP Notebook: BCAP celebrated its 30th Cable Academy this week at Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos. It was a fitting location, with the Poconos transforming its image over the years from a vacation land with dated heart-shaped hot tubs to the home of innovative resorts such as the award-winning Woodloch Pines and the Kalahari, home of America’s largest indoor waterpark. Cable also has been hard at work transforming its image from that of a monopolistic “cable guy” to an industry on the cutting edge of technology. Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau vp, marketing Brian Bossuyt suggested cable try to borrow a page from hospitality. “Keep in touch with customers and talk to customers throughout their journey. Maybe look at it as less of a technology company and more as a hospitality company providing a service an entertainment in the home,” he said.

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