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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai took aim at Sinclair and Verizon, but mostly at himself, at the Federal Communications Bar Association Dinner in Washington, an annual self-roast of sorts in front of a crowd of lawyers, lobbyists and journalists at the Hilton Hotel. Pai, who already injects more humor into monthly meetings than any chairman in the last three decades at least, was in his element cracking wise about the big issues of the day, though the speech was relatively light on the cultural or song references. Not so entertained were the three dozen or so pro-net neutrality protestors bundled up outside the hotel, holding signs, chanting--Call: "tell me what democracy looks like!" "Response: This is what democracy looks like!"--and projecting messages on the building across from the Hotel, including: "No slow lanes. Open and Equal Access for All." There were also three lonely protestors down the street from the net neutrality group, holding up signs opposing the Sinclair-Tribune merger.

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