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Like many husbands, I've learned this lesson the hard way over the years: actions speak louder than words - much louder. It's not an easy lesson; it takes placing yourself in the other person's shoes, which is usually enough to drive the message home. And such has been my experience with Comcast. Through the years, I'd hear grumblings, "If Comcast only did this or that" (you fill in the blank). I have to admit that I would join in on the criticism from time to time - without being fully informed - never placing myself in their shoes. It's not easy being one of the top employers in the fifth largest city in the country and the biggest corporation to boot. That's one big glass house at 17th and JFK. But something changed for me along the way. In 2013, less than one year after launching a coworking space in Center City called Benjamin's Desk, I saw a different Comcast. I was fortunate enough to receive an email introduction to Comcast Senior Executive Vice President, David L. Cohen, to which he speedily responded.

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